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Houses again

In case anyone can help or knows someone else in a similar position, I am still looking for housemates and a house/flat in south-west London.

Getting a little concerned now...


I have to move out of my flat fairly soonish - either the first half of July or early August (I'm out of the country late July...) and am looking for somewhere else in London - south-west London for preference as work, totherme and dance lessons are all based in that area, but I'm open to considering other parts of London as long as they're fairly central.

I have a friend who is interested in looking for places to rent with me, but for cheapness sake looking for a house or flat for 3 to 5 people would be better. Does or is anyone:

a) also looking to move,and would like to look with us
b) know somone else in category (a)
c) have, or will soon have spare space(s) in their house
d) have advice or knowledge about looking for places to rent

Can anyone help?


Some of you will have already heard me talking about this at length, but I'm holding a ceilidh dance next Friday -  20th May, if anyone would like to come.

It is at St Giles’ Cripplegate in the Barbican, which is here:


All ages are welcome and no experience is needed – each dance is explained and walked through first.

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start. A light meal will be provided during the interval. There will be no bar so please bring your own wine, beer or soft drinks.

Tickets are £13 for adults (including food). More details, and information on how to book is here:
though it's also possile to buy or reserve tickets directly through me.


What with a new series of Strictly I thought it seemed a good time to witter about dancing for a bit.

In May I started learning ballroom dancing in earnest, and it seems to be slowly escalating. As of this week I seem to be dancing up to four times a week.

On Monday I stayed on after my beginners class to the improvers one which follows it for the first time, suggesting some level of progress. Yesterday I went to the first in a short course of slow foxtrot lessons, as it's the one dance that still completely confuses me - I don't "get" it yet and I'm determined to rectify that. Tonight was a full evening of dancing - gettng led by much more experienced dancers is always a good learning curve, so I'm feeling pretty good. Both waltzes (slow English, and Viennese) felt as if I was getting better, and I got complimented on my cha-cha

In fact I'm feeling ready for my first beginners formation team practice tomorrow afternoon :)


I've been worrying on and off for some time now about various elements of the novel - fears mostly focused on saying the wrong things; which could be interpreted in ways with adverse consequences. I reached a point today where I really think I'm not going to be able to publish it. The person who wrote it is not the me I am now, and I'm not sure I believe all I was trying to say any more. It's not a question of worrying whether it's any good in a literary way; whether it's well written or not. My lack of confidence is more in the content.

This is pretty horrible as I've spent the best part of three years working on this seriously, and curtailed the career I was in to write it :( It feels very much like a huge failure; and a waste of time

I do have other things I would like to do with my life besides write, and maybe now could be the time for them.

oh facebook!

So a friend on facebook has "liked" "Let's see how many true Christians are on FB! Press Like if Jesus is your Savior!! on ♥."

Last time I checked, affiliation to my faith did not involve a ticky box. Consequently this makes me a litle angry, both for the trivialisation of religion to a "decide in one click" status, and for the manipulative nature of chain letters and their derivatives. It's the word "true" that really riles me. True as opposed to all those fake Christians who are just interested in trying to help people?

So why do I also feel rather guilty for not clicking "like"?

heading north

Off on my annual Edinburgh adventure tomorrow! Hurrah!

Hello there

Time for a new diary.

Time to start a new page.